Are You Missing Your Body's Messages?
by Dr. Robert Ringston

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Tink, Bling, Zip!  Attuned and trained like animals our smart phones have disciplined us well.  Our phones are so clever that we can create individual ring tones to differentiate which sender or app to respond to and allows us without action to respond or ignore. Hmm… Now let’s translate this over to our missed messages from our body.

Your Bodies Extraordinary Ring Tones

Our body is still one of the most complex machines on the planet but more importantly the most valuable machine you own.  It also has one one of the largest screens for you to view your incoming messages and so advanced that it can have the most distinct  tones that encompass all five senses.  Unfortunately, we often misinterpret or ignore our body’s vital messages for life’s insignificant distractions.

Missed Calls

The biggest question is not “why did we not answer the call or message?” but “what does it take to get us to respond to the signal?”.
Think about this, What comes first, compromised function or the obvious symptom?
Because our bodies are so adaptable, we often manage to miss the signals and warning messages in spite of a growing problem that keeps nagging us. We may not yet have obvious symptoms, but our capacity to adapt is diminished. Then, all it takes is a sneeze, tying our shoes or the stress of a deadline to put us over the edge and symptoms of back pain, neck pain, or migraine headaches to appear.
You might say, “But I didn’t do anything!”
Actually, there were probably subtle messages that something was amiss, but we all have a different threshold of “body awareness.” Becoming more aware and in-tune with of our bodies signals and messages will help us to maintain and extend the life of our miraculous machine.  To begin, take note of even small changes in your energy level, sleep habits and elimination. Take action while your body is still whispering, rather than waiting until it’s shouting for help or shutting off completely.

Extend The Life Of Your Machine with Regular Maintenance

This is where the best body and spinal mechanics  (Chiropractors) should appear on your diary with a reminder for regular check ups and maintenance.  Our expert team has been created with helping you not only extend and restore your body but help you to achieve optimal health and performance.
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Dr. Robert Ringston

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